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A few years back, following receipt of a memorandum from HHS on OIG screening expectations, the State Medicaid Directors started posting notices in the Medicaid Bulletins advising Medicaid providers that they were expected to conduct the OIG screening on employees, contractors, and practitioners on a monthly basis.  I believe you will find that it is now mandatory in most states if you do business with Medicaid.

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I have to assume that all of us will eventually encounter a high level manager who wants to block our goal of doing the right thing.  Here is one solution that has worked well for me for10 years.

I used a selection of interview questions from varuious auditing tools and developed an Audit Questionnaire that I send to all levels of staff throughout the organization, including President/CEO, VPs, Directors, Business Office Managers, billing and coding staff, etc.

The questionnaire requires each individual to answer very straightforward questions to disclose any suspicious business activities and any gray areas we may be operating in. I've added several questions of my own over the years based on situations that have come up.

Examples: Is there any activity that you consider to be a violation of laws, code of conduct, regulations, generally accepted accounting principles, professional practice, or business ethics?  Have you encountered any situations in which the organization complied with legal minimums of behavior, yet failed to go the extra mile to demonstrate its commitment to the highest ethical standards? Discuss any areas in which there is a coding or accounting treatment that could be construed as aggressive or otherwise ianppropriate.  Discuss any situations where you were asked to conduct your business in a matter you felt was not ethical or appropriate--how did you respond?   Do you feel comfortable raising issues without fear of retaliation?

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Hi Frank,
Please add me to your list of individuals receiving a sample assessment tool.  Thanks
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Does anyone know what the dress code is during the HCCA academies?  Are jeans permitted?
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Salesperson duties in accordance with the Golden Rule
1. Warn customers of potential hazards
2. Refrain from lying and deception
3. Fully and honestly answer questions about what they are selling
4. Refrain from steering customers toward purchases they have reason to think will harm the customers (including financially)
- see the complete article by Thomas Carson (whose ethics class I had the privilege of taking)
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These discussion groups are priceless (please don't increase the membership fee due to that statement!).  I have picked up on so many great ideas and really appreciate the postings! 
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It is being called “concierge medicine,” as physicians begin to treat patients on a cash-only basis. As the healthcare reform continues to struggle onto its feet, the red-tape involved in negotiations between doctors’ offices and a plethora of differing insurance companies has caused many physicians frustration. In an attempt to see more and more patients to cover increasing costs, including a larger billing staff to work with insurance providers, doctors are losing valuable time with the patients they already treat. This has caused a growing number of doctors and patients to turn to a cash-only system through direct primary care options

One such family doctor from Wichita,

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As you wind your way through this world, you inevitably come to a fork in the road: You can either be noted for your character – or be known as a character! What values and personal attributes comprise character? To name just a few…

– Caring: Caring and concern for others are at the root of the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you want them to treat you.”
H – Honesty: Be honest with yourself and with others in every interaction. Honesty and integrity are the core values that make respect, courage, and trustworthiness possible.
A – Actions: Your actions, not your intentions or words, are what define your character. Often, these become acts of courage, such as taking a stand against injustice, prejudice, cruelty, and other inhumane behaviors.
R – Responsibility: Your sense of responsibility is what compels you to do the right thing, follow through on your promises, and be accountable for your actions. Personal rights are only possible when accompanied by responsibility.
A – Acceptance: Character demands that we accept others’ differences and appreciate how diversity strengthens our society.
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Encourage "good" with good office deco...
Take teamwork.
It can be abstract art that conveys a message - "Working together, we move mountains":

Or motivational - "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives, it is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results":

(Samples from and
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Dental clinics are busy places. An array of personnel are available to keep them going, with high-pressure situations and multitasking being the norm for all of them. The clinics are also close-knit places. All of which means the potential for conflict is always present. 
Managing conflict is an acquired trait; nobody is born with the knowledge of how to do so. And since conflict is inevitable, whether in personal relationships or professional settings, it is best to learn how to deal with it head on. If allowed to fester, differences may turn into grudges, thus vitiating the work environment for everybody. 
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Is it well-thought-out?

Is it just?

Is it scientific?

Is it imaginative?
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Get a head-start on The Great Kindness Challenge - modified for the workplace:
1. Smile at 25 people.
2. Pick up trash in your workplace.
3. Make a new friend.
4. Learn to say ‘thank you’ in a new language. (Or hello.)
5. Recycle your trash.
6. Walk or bike to work instead of driving.
7. Say ‘good morning’ to 5 people.
8. Hold the door open for someone.
9. Compliment 5 people.
10. Create your own kind deed.

More at
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Incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine or the fecal matters. This drives the incontinence patient to feel depressed and seclusion. However there are lot of products that feels comfort and confident enough to satisfy the incontinent patients. One such product is tranquility diapers. These diapers are specially manufactured for the incontinence patients. Tranquility is one of the home caring brands that offer adult disposable diapers. With the help of these products, the incontinence people’s life style changes to a greater extend. They feel the power of confidence and peace in their mind. Thes products last longer between the changes, costs and daily saving. This helps in easy and successful management of incontinence people. Many people misunderstand that they need to put baby diapers of over sized but this thought should be updated that there are over sized diapers that are commonly available and are specially designed for the adults. It should be known to everyone that many of the incontinence people are not sick, elderly or bedridden instead they are the people who just wants to get on to the daily tasks.

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I'm a huge proponent of the power nap - the 20 minute nap in the middle of a hectic workday to help top off your energy levels. I've used it for years, and I always feel fantastic when I jump out of bed and get back to work. 
If you're tired, no doubt that an Tempurpedic or Essentia mattress is looking pretty tempting right now. You may want nothing more than to take a quick snooze, and you should do it! There are a lot of reasons that taking a nap is good for your health, such as:
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When it comes to receiving care from a hospital, you need to consider whether your doctor is connected to a hospital that is in your insurance network, specializes in the care you need, and is conveniently located in your area.

Your Doctor

Most primary care physicians are affiliated with one or more local hospitals. The depth and breadth of this affiliation may vary from doctor to doctor. Your physician may work at a certain hospital, as well as in their medical practice. Or, they may have a partnership agreement with a certain hospital – the doctor agrees to send their patients there, and in return, is able to continue providing comprehensive primary care during the patient’s hospitalization. 

  • The implication of this affiliation is: if you want your doctor to be with you when you go to the hospital, they essentially get to choose which hospital you go to. 
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A surgery insurance policy gives busy doctors the financial and mental freedom needed to keep their practice in a great shape. The number of things involved in a modern day practice is high and the equipment expensive, all of which needs maintenance and contingency planning for smooth sailing. A surgery insurance policy protects the physical contents and premises of a practice. It is also varied enough to provide the doctors with a cover in case of a physical assault, as well as handle the liabilities caused by third party claims. 

Following are some of the things to keep in mind when looking for a doctors’ surgery insurance package:

What does the policy cover?

In general, a surgery insurance policy provides cover for contents of a surgery; for practice money; for deterioration of drugs and vaccines; for medical bags; for specialist and general equipment; and for theft and physical assault. 

Also included are loss recovery claims handling service; employer’s liability; public/products’ liability; fidelity guarantee; and legal expenses. Additional benefits (which come in the form of extras) include a cover for IT equipment breakdown, engineering breakdown, and for interruption of business affecting your income. There is also a provision for protection from terror-related events. 
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Going "organic" has become the popular thing to do, and you'll find organic products in the homes of just about every person around the world. Whether it's tasty organic food, organic teas, organic sheets or organic clothing - organic everything is all the rage.

Skin care is probably one of the most important areas where you should consider going organic. There are hundreds of skin care products made by dozens of companies, but all of the non-organic items contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients. You will find that these skin care items can be a serious threat to your skin.

Your Body and Chemicals

When you eat food that is non-organic, your body is equipped to deal with the nutrients that are in the food. The good micro and macronutrients are shipped off to your intestines, where they are absorbed into your body to be used for powering your muscles, improving organ health, hormone production, and so on. The toxins and chemicals in these foods are sent to your liver, where they are neutralized, stored in fat cells, or eliminated. By the time the food comes out the waste disposal exit, it is fairly chemical free.
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Synthetic drugs have been in the news for a few years now and, unfortunately, on many store shelves, too.

Many people do not consider them to be “real” drugs and, therefore, they sometimes assume that these synthetic drugs are safer than other, more traditional, drugs. But this is wrong. Chemical analysis has proven that these synthetic drugs contain hidden chemicals that are not printed on the ingredients label, meaning people don’t really know what they are smoking or ingesting with these drugs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Synthetic marijuana is created by manufacturing synthetic cannabinoids that mimic the effects of the substance in marijuana that gets people high, known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. When these synthetic cannabinoids are sprayed onto dried herbs, it creates something akin to naturally occurring marijuana, but these synthetic cannabinoids can be specifically created to produce a high 15 times more powerful than natural pot.

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