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1.  IT Support Ticketing Policy

Posted 8 days ago
Edited by Kim Stigman 8 days ago
Good Morning,
Does anyone have a policy or can anyone push me in the right direction of a policy for how incoming IT tickets should be handled in a small medical office? ​​
Thank you in advance for your help.
Kim Stigman
Quality & Compliance Manager
Associated Eye Care

2.  RE: IT Support Ticketing Policy

Posted 8 days ago
When you say IT do you mean Information Technology, such as computer programming and system adminitration? You are a small office and have an Information Technology department?

We are a small health plan payer. We have our own software package that we wrote to do everthing we need for our providers, groups, brokers, subscribers, etc. Our IT department has a dozen people in it. We have IT requests that we run through our JIRA ticket system. Those tickets are prioritized and assigned out. When done they are tested and eventualized released to production. We don't have a policy surrounding this. It is just what we do.

So I'm thinking when you say "IT" you don't mean Information Technology. It probably stands for some medical term I'm not familiar with.

Carl Russell
Compliance Analyst
Delta Dental of Idaho

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