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    Lahey RA Walk Through

    Good day to all! I've posted for the library my walk through of the Resolution Agreement (RA) involving Lahey Hospital and Medical Center. I found this particular resolution agreement interesting in that it illustrates the "Domino Effect" I...

  • Looks like those meeting on completing an SRA using a DIY approach will certainly be discussing a very topical process. Go figure! ------------------------------ Frank Ruelas

  • For those interested in the link to the resolution agreement announced in today's HHS press release which lists the link in error as: may access the resolution...

  • Yes, I haven't quite grasp the Auditing and Monitoring part for my role. Frank, once you move over your discussions to the A&M group, please let us know so we can learn along. TIA Thanks, Simonne S. Paul, MBA ...

  • Nancy, I was recently in conversation with "I-Sight" and will be seeing a demo in early December. ------------------------------ David Rothery, CHC Compliance & Privacy Officer Marin County San Rafael, CA


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