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    RE: Workers Comp

    Working from memory, I believe it is true that Workers Comp carriers are not subject to HIPAA regulations by definition. In this case, is would be up to them how "casually" they want to handle their own information on their insured individuals. Once...

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    Workers Comp

    Hello All, I need some thoughts on how to respond to a workers comp company we partner with in regards to worker’s compensation claims. In order to ensure that these patient accounts are billed correctly, they would like to email us their...

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    Billing Breach

    Hello everyone, I have the following scenario and wanted to make sure I am not missing any necessary steps. Behavioral health private practice has there billing clearinghouse with BAA signed send out bills with other patient's names on them. No...

  • I am not using any of the above. If you are not using a specialized software suite, how are you tracking your investigations, business associate records, risk assessments, training records, etc? The above are all done in some type of...

  • Hello, I am curious to know if any of my colleagues are using the following vendors for tracking and documenting the activities of your privacy office. Have these products worked well for you? What improvements would you like to see? Compliance...


  • HCCA's 2015 Salary Survey Report is Now Available

    This report includes data on compensation for both the chief compliance officer as well as for the compliance staff, giving a fuller picture of the compliance profession in one document.

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