I've heard it...checking if others are as well

  • 1.  I've heard it...checking if others are as well

    Posted 10-15-2020 10:32 AM
    With patients expected to get more access to their medical information, there is the idea floating around that this may trigger an increase in the number of requests by individuals to amend their PHI.

    Question...has anyone else heard anything along these lines (mostly on webinars going over the CMS Interoperability and Access Rule)?

    I think it is certainly reasonable that this has some potential to occur...but certainly no one knows for sure.


    Posted: 7:31 AM AZ time

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  • 2.  RE: I've heard it...checking if others are as well

    Posted 10-15-2020 12:36 PM
    I haven't heard this comment, but it sounds reasonable.

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    Posted 10-15-2020 03:11 PM
    We were just discussing this in our IT Governance Committee, Frank.  We do expect an influx on requests for amendment once the USCDI is available via portal/API in November.  Thought I've not heard the concern expressed elsewhere it certainly makes sense.

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  • 4.  RE: I've heard it...checking if others are as well

    Posted 10-16-2020 04:38 AM
    Yes I have heard this comment. I will share that the only question I have received and it's been received multiple times from patients / employees is, "Will I get access to my historical information on November 2nd?"​

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