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  • 1.  Conflicts Program

    Posted 08-18-2020 11:45 AM
    We are considering developing a formal Conflicts of Interest program.  We have a Conflicts of Interest policy but do not require an attestation or provide any targeted training.  Has anyone ever developed such a program and if so, would you be willing to schedule a call to discuss your program? Thanks!

    Alethea O'Donnell
    Head of Corporate Compliance
    Springfield, MA
    SCCE Membership

  • 2.  RE: Conflicts Program

    Posted 08-19-2020 04:21 PM
    Hello Alethea,

    We are currently working on a COI policy and developing a COI program. I can share what some of our ideas are thus far, as we are in the research phase. Would that be helpful?

    Mykael Outen-Kurth
    Compliance Specialist Sr.
    VCU Health

    SCCE Membership