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Sample Compliance Training Communications

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    Posted 07-06-2021 01:23 PM
    Hi all - I'm looking for some example communications to help socialize on-line training that will soon be launched. While we're launching Code of Conduct training and can tailor the communications for that specifically, something that is neutral (agnostic?) to the training content would be great. That way we can fill in the blanks on the specific purpose of the training. I'm looking for communications designed for executive/senior leadership, middle management and all employees. I want to layer the communications so senior leadership hears about it first (and knows it is coming) and is then expected to talk with their teams about the fact that it is coming and the importance of completing it on time. Then take the communications one level down with something similar for middle management that also gives them a head's up that training is coming and they'll need to work with their teams to carve out time for everyone to complete the training on time and that ethics & compliance can supply them with talking points for reinforcing the training in department meetings, etc., Finally, communications to all employees that the training is coming, where it will be coming from (the on-line training vendor), that it is legit (and not a phishing attempt), the expectations about successfully completing the training on time and why we do it every year. I don't want to focus on the negative about what happens if they don't complete the training on time (yet). These messages will be sent via email, be posted on digital signage throughout the various locations/facilities, be posted on the company intranet, and be posted to our internal-only Yammer (internal social media hub). Our on-line training provider has some sample communications, but those are all designed around sending the links to the actual training and the reminders to those who haven't completed the assigned courses. Thanks in advance for any sample communications and suggestions you have.

    Wendy Badger
    Global Compliance Counsel
    Tennant Company
    SCCE Membership