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Policy and Procedure Development Process

  • 1.  Policy and Procedure Development Process

    Posted 02-24-2020 12:18 PM
    Does anyone have a document that states the process/procedure for creating or revising a company wide policy?  I am working on formalizing one for my company and just looking for good examples.

    Eric Wilson
    Compliance Manager
    Helmerich & Payne
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  • 2.  RE: Policy and Procedure Development Process

    Posted 02-24-2020 05:34 PM
    Your policy on policies probably should be build around the HIPAA regulations at 45 CFR § 164.530(i). It is about the standard "policies and procedures" as well as changes to the same. Our policy is basically an abridged version of 45 CFR § 164.530(i)(1). We then go into the procedures which list who is responsible. In our case in conjunction with Management for creating, maintaining, changing as needed, and implementing these policies and procedures. We then restate that as a response to changes in the law. We state that we'll use appropriate sources, listing some of those like our SRA, regulations, and legal counsel. We state how often they will be reviewed. We state that compliance will be responsible for training and documentation.

    I would attach the actual document but I am unsure if that might break proprietary confidentiality since the source of the document is through a vendor (even though I tweaked it some).

    Carl Russell
    Compliance Analyst, CHPC
    Delta Dental of Idaho

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