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Clinical Trials: ACA, Medicare Advantage & Medicaid

  • 1.  Clinical Trials: ACA, Medicare Advantage & Medicaid

    Posted 07-05-2015 06:35 PM

    I am interested in networking with individuals from managed care organizations (MCOs) regarding clinical trials and associated ACA, Medicaid, Medicare Advantage & state mandates related to paying for routine care items & services within the context of clinical trials.

    Specifically, I want to learn the more about best practices & how different MCOs handle clinical trials in terms of: 1) policy 2) authorization of clinical trials and associated routine care items & services 3) denials & appeals management 4) communicating with sites performing the research and 5) how case & utilization managements interacts with clinical trial issues.

    I can be reached directly at Any ideas, assistance or referrals with the any of the above topics would be appreciated!



    Wendy Portier CHC,CHRC
    Managing Director
    New Orleans,LA

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