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    Posted 02-16-2016 01:50 PM

    Good afternoon!  In the 2016 Medicare Marketing Guidelines, Section 100.4, they include "office hours" as one of the pieces of information that is required to be updated on a monthly basis for the online provider directory.  However, they also state that the directories must contain all the information required in the directory models, in which I do not see office hours included as a required piece.  I have looked at some of the online directories in the industry and do not see incidences of where the company includes office hours for providers.  However, I wanted to reach out and see what other companies are doing in regards to office hours (including? not including?) and if they see it as a requirement that needs to be met.  As an aside, in the draft 2017 Guidelines, the office hours statement has been removed from the requirement to be updated, however I do not see where they have released the 2017 models to compare the requirement to.  Thank you in advance! 

    Susan Kerrigan, CHC

    Associate Compliance Specialist

    Health First Corporate Compliance

    Susan Kerrigan CHC
    Associate Compliance Specialist
    Health First Inc
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