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Text Book for College Level Course in Risk Mgt and Auditing Suggestions

  • 1.  Text Book for College Level Course in Risk Mgt and Auditing Suggestions

    Posted 10-26-2016 01:48 PM

    I’m been invited to each a Risk Mgt and Auditing course in a Masters of Higher Education Compliance program at Weidner University.  I’d like your thoughtful insight into a suggested textbook for this class.  Actually, a choice of two would be great if you happen to know of any.  The class is 14 sessions long – have to come up with a syllabus and some quizzes and tests (mid term, final).    Hopefully, I can find a text that would have chapter questions along with a teachers edition.  Appreciate anything you might suggest as I’m at a loss (it’s been a while for me to use a text book!!0



    Below is a class description

    Risk Management & Auditing

    This course examines the processes for auditing a company to ensure adherence with the company’s compliance programs. During this course, students will learn practical skills in performing risk assessments and audits and the techniques to utilize internal and external auditing tools and resources. Students will be exposed to how to conduct effective audits in order to correct and improve organizational operations through follow-up, monitoring, process change and education. Students will demonstrate the importance of benchmarking and reporting to both internal and external parties, in order to ensure compliance with applicable federal and state laws. Students will also learn best practices to use when responding to external and/or government audits and investigations. 

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