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Glad to hear it! Fed Reg Exercise Check Back

  • 1.  Glad to hear it! Fed Reg Exercise Check Back

    Posted 04-24-2019 08:01 AM
    A quick note to those who sent me emails about using the Fed Reg exercise we introduced at the CI in Boston and that people are now using.  Though we went over how to check on a monthly basis, folks are doing this daily to not only practice the exercise...but to also stay more up to date on any proposed changes.

    I can be very empowering to say to your leadership team with 100% confidence whether the Fed Reg contains any updates or regulatory changes that are proposed or finalized on CFR sections that apply to your organization...and have data or documents to back this up!

    I hope to build on this and provide a more effective session at the next CI as I am going to offer a similar speaking proposal on another workshop...but this time...I am going to work much more closely with HCCA to make sure that the set up is much more effective in terms of a layout that we can use to spend more time on our devices which we were not able to do this time around.

    Keep on using the Fed Reg exercise....believe me...just as it is a positive to see that no CFR sections that apply to you are is even more positive when you see that there are proposed changes and you can learn and act upon these notices often the same day they are published in the Fed Reg.

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