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The MEG...syntaxa to refer to elements

  • 1.  The MEG...syntaxa to refer to elements

    Posted 03-21-2019 07:48 AM
    A few of us were online last night going over The MEG and one "syntax" we use when referring to elements or line items within The MEG which appears to work very well...and I've been using since version 1 goes likes this.

    If I need to refer to say the Overview worksheet for Investigations and Remedial Measures, and specifically to the item "Assure investigation personnel have the necessary skill sets."  I would refer to this as OV7.P

    This refers to the worksheet labeled OV7 and the Element with the letter P in column A.  In version 3 there are secondary grids with references to the CHC handbook...I don't use those and stick to the elements listed on the top grid.

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