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    Posted 05-29-2020 11:27 AM
    Good morning,
    We are a critical-access hospital who provides respite and general inpatient ( GIP) care services for area hospice agencies. Respite care is provided for 5 days (per CMS guidelines) and GIP for the length of time necessary for the admitting issue to be addressed and resolved.

    We have had a request for inpatient hospice services - hospice agency is involved, patient does not meet GIP guidelines, and this would be for longer than a 5 day respite stay.

    The patient can/would private pay for use of our facility.

    My question - is this 'allowed' or on the up and up? Can someone please help me understand because I am having a very difficult time with this? (It seems if this patient can do this, anyone can private pay for hospital-level care when it is not needed.) I know it can be done at skilled nursing facilities - we are a hospital with swing beds, though.

    Thank you so much,

    Rachel Anderson, MSN, RN, CHC
    Chief Compliance Officer
    Boone County Hospital
    Boone, Iowa
    2020 HCCA Compliance Institute