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Fed Reg Exercise

  • 1.  Fed Reg Exercise

    Posted 04-12-2019 08:44 AM
    Thanks to those who attended the Computer Tips session...LOTS of feedback on the Fed Reg exercise on how to look up and validate for new rules using the Fed Reg.

    I will be going over it again as some folks did not have their devices with them and want to see the steps again to try to practice what we went over.

    For those that may be interested....let me know...OPEN TO ALL!  This is a tip that I think everyone should consider doing.  As we literally takes less than 2 minutes a month...and you can then provide a report with high confidence (such as 100%) about updates and regulations that may have been introduced because so often we read blogs or see announcements about "new rules" but in reality...there are no such rules.  Believe me, this exercise helps cut through the "noise" of confusion that can sometimes occur.

    I am going to go over it live in an upcoming session...and since sometimes people plan to attend but can't make it...likely will post a follow up video following the live session.  I like these live sessions because it gives us a chance to learn from one another which I find very useful and helpful.


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    Posted 04-15-2019 07:23 AM
    ​I'm interested!
    Thank you

    Rhonda Garber
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