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Unofficial First Timers Session...update!

  • 1.  Unofficial First Timers Session...update!

    Posted 03-10-2019 12:01 PM
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    All right...for those looking to attend the unofficial first timers session, a couple of updates.  Those of you that signed up at the survey link (Unofficial First Timers Online Meeting) will also be getting this information sent to the email address you entered on the survey.

    • The meeting date: 3/22/2019
    • Meeting time: 9 AM PT / 10 AM MT 11 AM CT / 12 PM ET
    • Duration: 20 - 30 mins...but can be extended to answer questions as needed
    I also suggest that people who are attending download the attached which are pages 6 - 12 of the brochure which list all of the sessions at the CI.

    The link for the session will go out on 3/21/2019.  Looking forward to seeings folks online at the meeting.

    ► Study Session Link for CI ◄
    --------Frank Ruelas---------


    6 pages.pdf   1.93 MB 1 version
    19th Annual CEI Virtual Conference