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Digital signatures for online forms

  • 1.  Digital signatures for online forms

    Posted 04-19-2019 08:14 AM
    We are a dental health plan. Though our primary customers are groups securing dental coverage for their employees, we also provide individual family coverage. The latter can choose to enroll online without without ever talking to us directly. We currently require a digital signature that necessitates the enrollee to create a digital ID.

    The extra steps to create this digital ID can be cumbersome and annoying to the enrollees. We are considering just allowing them to type their name into the signature field.

    What are your thoughts on this? Do you do this? Would you allow this? Any issues with doing this?

    What about other documents such as an authorization for the release of PHI? If you would allow typing the name into the signature line for enrollment would you also allow it for these other forms?

    If someone was really trying to fake an authorization they could forge a hand signature as well as a digital signature, so does it make any difference if we just allow typing the name into the online enrollment signature field?


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