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Sensitive Information and FASD

  • 1.  Sensitive Information and FASD

    Posted 12-18-2019 07:50 PM
    Hi all.  Would like your thoughts on a situation which I haven't come across before now.  Parent is requesting their minor child's records be sent to another agency.  The parent has indicated they do not want any sensitive information sent (e.g. alcohol/drug use, HIV, etc - we've all seen that section about sensitive information).  The child has information in their record pertaining to FASD (fetal alcohol...)

    Q:  Would you consider this related to alcohol treatment and thus not release any FASD information?

    David Garrison
    Compliance/Privacy Officer
    2020 SCCE Membership

  • 2.  RE: Sensitive Information and FASD

    Posted 12-19-2019 08:13 AM
    Call and talk to the parent and find out what they're requesting so you're all the same page.

    Brenda Manning J.D., C.H.C., C.H.P.C.
    Compliance Director, Privacy
    Carilion Clinic

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