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Occupational Health Question

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    Posted 04-03-2020 08:15 PM
    ​Hi all,

    Hopefully everyone got through the week in one piece, these are certainly challenging times we live in...

    I wanted to reach out to get input on the Occupational Health front.  I am going to preface this from the third party, so please bear with me.

    If a healthcare organization has an in-house Occupational Health dept. and they are put on notice that some staff were exposed to a symptomatic or Covid-19 positive patient, would it be appropriate for Occupational Health to access the patient's chart in order to determine which staff may have had interactions with the patient.

    Hopefully that makes sense, any feedback would be appreciated!

    Have a great weekend!

    Aaron McCoy
    Privacy & Compliance Officer
    The Portland Clinic, LLP
    SCCE Membership