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Automating ROI processing

  • 1.  Automating ROI processing

    Posted 06-04-2020 07:11 AM
    ​Hi all --

    We are currently looking at ways to streamline our Release of Information (ROI) process.  Currently we utilize a form that the individual prints, completes, signs, and sends in.  We use a 3rd party provider to fulfill approved requests.  We will keep this process but wanted to add an on-line process - whereby an individual can complete the form, sign electronically, and then have an electronic workflow process for completion of the ROI.

    As we've looked at other Systems' processes, they still seem to have the need for printing the form and physically signing it.

    Has anyone integrated an electronic signature step within this process?  This seems to be a bit of the speed bump in our review.  Obviously, the validity of the person making the request is key.  We were looking at our patient portal and having the process start from within the portal which has a level of security...but not all ROI are from the patient.  We are following up with our EMR vendor to see if they have a process; and are having this evaluated for an in-house development option.

    Just wanted to see if anyone has automated/workflowed this process, any learnings, and how did you deal the signature process.  I'd like to also do something similar for amendment requests and workflow this process from request through decision/notification.

    Appreciate any input - thanks!

    Timothy Koob
    Corporate Compliance Officer

    2020 SCCE Membership

  • 2.  RE: Automating ROI processing

    Posted 06-04-2020 11:19 AM

    I too am interested ​in this particularly the electronic signature issue and how the CE validates that signature.


    Charles Colitre BBA, CHC, CHPC
    Compliance & Privacy Officer
    Crystal Clinic Orthopaedic Center

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  • 3.  RE: Automating ROI processing

    Posted 06-05-2020 09:50 AM
    Interested in this as well. We had run into privacy and security issues with the patient submitting the form through our website when I discussed this last with our IT department. I do think it would be an option to do this through the patient portal as you mentioned but still the issue with those who either dont use the portal or who are not patients. Following this for other suggestions though.

    Savannah Knuettel
    Compliance Officer
    Galen Medical Group

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