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    Posted 02-17-2020 04:11 PM
    ​I was asked to speak at a conference on the topic of privacy.  Does anyone have a bio I can look at to get an idea of what I should do to talk about myself in the area of privacy?  This is my first one and I don't know how much or how little to write.  I appreciate this ahead of time.

    Tara Yeaton, RHIT, CHPC
    Director of HIM Operations
    Deputy Privacy Officer
    MaineGeneral Medical Center
    Augusta, Me
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    Posted 02-18-2020 04:46 AM
    Edited by Brenda Manning 02-18-2020 04:46 AM
    The idea is to give a brief overview of your background versus going into details the way you would in a job interview. I simply state where I went to school, my credentials and give a brief overview of my career. It's meant to be short and sweet in my opinion to lend some authority to the fact you were chosen as a speaker. I would suggest keeping it to a few sentences. PS - Congratulations! 

    Brenda Manning J.D., C.H.C., C.H.P.C.
    Compliance Director, Privacy
    Carilion Clinic

    The views expressed herein are my own and do not represent those of my employer. They are not meant to constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship.

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  • 3.  RE: Speaker Bio

    Posted 02-18-2020 07:14 AM

    Thanks for the advice.  Short and sweet is always good.  I've heard some bio's that include "lives in Maine with her husband and 2 children...."  Is that necessary?


    Tara Yeaton, RHIT,CHPC

    Director of HIM

    Operations and Transcription

    Deputy Privacy Officer

    MaineGeneral Medical Center


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  • 4.  RE: Speaker Bio

    Posted 02-18-2020 07:55 AM
    Hi Tara,

    I think it is a "know your audience" kind of a thing. Is this a bio that will be read aloud or printed somewhere? The larger the conference the more formal you may want to be in your bio. Since you work for MaineGeneral Medical Center it will be clear which state you are located in when you state your title and employer. If you are speaking outside of Maine it might be relevant to mention that you based are in the capital of Maine, since most people would not be familiar with Augusta. 

    A written bio would be longer and more detailed (e.g. include educational info if relevant) than a brief statement you may make at the beginning of your presentation. For a spoken bio I would keep it to your current title, employer, length of service there, and key certifications if relevant to the talk. If there is something really unique about your background that is relevant to your career that might be nice to include as well. 

    Personally I would keep the family details out of it but that is a personal choice and I do see plenty of people include it.

    Caitlyn Tobey, CCEP-I, CHC, CIPP/US/E, CIPM

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  • 5.  RE: Speaker Bio

    Posted 02-18-2020 08:18 AM
    Tara...from a Compare and Contrast or C&C perspective...I simply first check with the event planners or whomever is organizing the event and make sure there aren't "requirements" that they would like people to list in their bio.  After you have identified these, which quite frankly...such requirements are far and few between..simply share WHATEVER you feel like sharing with the the audience to help them connect with you.  If you can connect your bio to your topic...even better.

    If nothing else...use the 5WH1 model to help fill in some info in your bio.  Note, you don't have to fill in something for each element.  Here's an example bio for Mr. Nick Claus who is going to speak on the topic of manually driven processes that help safeguard patient information.

    Who, What, Where, When, Why, How

    Mr. Nick Claus (who) is a compliance officer (what) for ABC Hospital in the North Pole (where).   Mr. Claus has worked in Privacy since/or for X years (when) and find the work rewarding because he can his organization achieve a high level of compliance in its obligation with State, Federal, and local laws related to patient privacy (why).  Mr. Claus is a life long learner and is active engaged with other compliance professionals to help him to continue to keep up to date on the regulations on privacy as well as what other organizations are doing to comply with the laws. (how)

    I think that would be a relatively thorough bio...thoughts?

    -------------Frank Ruelas--------------
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