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Use of Block-out Labels

  • 1.  Use of Block-out Labels

    Posted 07-29-2020 11:54 AM

    Is anyone utilizing "block out stickers" that mask patient labels on containers like IV bags and medication containers? Our clinical team claims that it is too difficult to remove patient label stickers prior to disposal in a trash can and wants to use block out stickers that claim to effectively mask the information when placed over the label and destroy the information if someone attempts to pull the sticker off. Here is a link to the stickers they want to use.

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  • 2.  RE: Use of Block-out Labels

    Posted 07-30-2020 07:53 AM
    Hi Corey

    I have seen the block out labels used on RX labels on containers.  It is effective.

    Hernan Serrano
    St. Louis Metro Area

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  • 3.  RE: Use of Block-out Labels

    Posted 07-30-2020 08:59 AM
    I know some folks even use the cheap, widely available white address labels to cover up PHI....but...the most commonly used method I continue to see...which is certainly using a black marker such as a Sharpie.

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  • 4.  RE: Use of Block-out Labels

    Posted 07-30-2020 10:17 AM
    I also mostly see the black sharpie being used.  The labels are an interesting idea.  My concern about the labels is when they run out and no one thought to reorder more, what they would do.  Sharpies can be purchased anywhere.

    Ann Dunham
    Compliance Officer
    Hannibal Regional Healthcare System
    Hannibal, MO

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