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Early Bird Update...Friday is the day!

  • 1.  Early Bird Update...Friday is the day!

    Posted 05-18-2021 08:12 AM
    Thanks to all who responded...and responses are still coming in. I'm sorry that the Google form was a bit clunky given it does not allow for ranking as easily as other online survey forms.  We have enough responses for me to provide the following updates:

    - The EARLY BIRD will occur on Friday, 7 AM PT / 8 AM MT / 9 AM CT / 10 AM ET
    I appreciate people sharing how they are flexible for either Fri or Sat

    - The MEG
    Many people attending have heard of The MEG but never used this will be a very nice way to see how The MEG can prove very useful in reporting on your compliance program

    - Volunteers
    Thanks to those who volunteered to participate in the hands on approach of how to collaborate in a computer environment where you don't have shared files, folders, or other collaborative features.

    All more posting on the EARLY BIRD as some folks had some issues with the form.

    Posted: 6:09 AM AZ time

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