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FSG Study Group sign ups closing...thanks to all!

  • 1.  FSG Study Group sign ups closing...thanks to all!

    Posted 03-04-2021 06:31 AM
    I'm closing the FSG study group sign ups today as no sign ups have occurred this I think those who were interested in signing up have done so.  Looking forward to our journey together!

    An early move was to send folks out a PDF of the 8B2.1 and the audio clip to review it.  The next release will be a summary of the HIPAA Rules along with audio clips as well.

    Look for the summary and the audio clips to go out by Monday to the email addresses used to sign up for the FSG.  Though we don't "officially" start until April 1...I'm going to start sending out content for people to start working on.

    Posted: 5:30 AM AZ time

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