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Before beginning study group and DCO workbooks...

  • 1.  Before beginning study group and DCO workbooks...

    Posted 05-24-2020 10:56 AM
    CCCCCC to those folks who did their first 3 worksheets in the DCO workbooks.  I am going to use these extensively with the study groups because I received such high marks on feedback on how people liked this approach.  You folks that did your worksheets...I really benefited by your participation and open feedback.  Your participation and input will clearly help others.

    Today I will be posting a video that goes over the DCOs and the workbooks.  If you signed up for the Summer Study Group ( add ons at this point)...look to your email for your copy and a link to the video that will introduce how we will use them.  For those that didn't sign up, I strongly suggest you become familiar with the workbooks as they can help you identify areas to focus upon in your exam preparation.

    If this approach is not to your liking, no problem...this gives you the opportunity to go in another direction, without having invested time which you can now invest in other options.  You will also see me post stuff from time to time to these eGroups as well.

    To those who signed up, if you do not have your workbooks by end of day today...let me know as it may have been blocked for whatever reasons.


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