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Questions about 17 sub elements

  • 1.  Questions about 17 sub elements

    Posted 21 days ago
    As more people are preparing to take their exams, I get more emails asking about the 17 subs listing that I post every day.  The list essentially captures the most commonly referred to items that one might see if a group of compliance professionals was asked the question of how many elements are often referred to in comprising a compliance program and what are these elements.  Often beyond the number "7"...that's where everyone's list begins to be different from one another.

    If one goes through the 17 sub elements and does a side by side comparison to some type of reference document that identifies the 7 elements of a compliance program, one will see that the 17 sub elements often will include many if not all of the elements from the reference document.

    So the list is an easy way to maintain a global overview and recall of what I call the sub elements that make up a compliance program.  For those studying and in the'll see a video about this relatively soon.

    Thanks for asking and onward we go!

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