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Check In...hoping everyone is doing well

  • 1.  Check In...hoping everyone is doing well

    Posted 03-21-2020 10:07 AM
    Snake Bite Leader checking in!

    Keep in mind that checking in is also a good time to share Q&A.  For example, I heard from someone that letting other workforce members know that a patient has COVID-19 in an effort to avert a serious threat, etc, etc. is allowable under HIPAA.  When I heard the person share the details about this on another site...I clearly saw that this HIPAA compliance officer was WAY OFF base...but in times like this...and given the opportunity to satisfy curiosity and potentially alleviate some one was going to push back.  Unfortunate for sure to include non safeguarding the privacy of the involved individual.

    Let's keep pushing that message of Priority #1 is patient care and we need to do what we can to #flattenthecurve...which for some folks they may feel is a hassle, nuisance, etc, etc...and they may be totally correct in their opinion...but also very necessary if we are going to avoid what we see happening in other countries.

    Stay healthy​​​!  Make today better than yesterday!

    -------------Frank Ruelas--------------
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  • 2.  RE: Check In...hoping everyone is doing well

    Posted 03-23-2020 12:55 PM
    Bear (not Bare) leader here.  We have our first community positive here.  The city is mandating a 14 day self-quarantine, with some exceptions, for every individual arriving in town.  Hunker-down ordinance to be discussed tonight.  Stores still empty of long-shelf life food, but barges continue as usual.  Discussions continue in regards to telecommuting.

    We continue to do drive-up testing by referral and at appointed times.  Social distancing at work as much as possible.  Continue to work on telehealth procedures.

    Q:  I understand OCR has waived enforcement and penalties, but the Privacy and Security Rules have not been waived meaning violations can occur.   If a CE uses Facetime (as an example) without doing a SRA this would be a violation?  If you determine that 300 individual Facetime encounters occur do you report 300 individual breaches to OCR or one breach involving 300 people?  (perhaps Facetime isn't a good example).

    David Garrison
    Compliance/Privacy Officer

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