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Super Beginners...Starter Flashcard Deck

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    Posted 15 days ago
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    I am reposting the flashcard deck that I've used with MANY, MANY people prepping for the exams (who also have shared they found this very helpful in their efforts in passing the exam.  The cards help immerse one in fundamental and useful information that can be applied in scenario questions and other questions on the exam.

    My intention is to also print these out, attach them to index cards, and start reviewing them along with those who are just starting I would not ask others to do what I would not do myself.

    Once you have created your cards...take a picture and post to the eGroup.  Later...I will have an invitation for those who follow through with this by next Friday.

    All right...those interested...start constructing your cards.  Note, the cards are printed so that you can actually just cut them out, fold them over and staple the card.  As some folks on the eGroups can attest...they went through these cards EVERY DAY and posted to help others also stay the course.  Over time we added to the cards and we were reviewing over 100 cards each day.  Personally I use index cards because they can handle the wear and tear of daily reviews quite well.

    But remember...small steps add up to big first things first...create your starter deck.

    Posted: 6:57 AM AZ time

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