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OK...let's get this party started and amped up!

  • 1.  OK...let's get this party started and amped up!

    Posted 06-16-2019 08:16 AM
    All right eGroup members and 66ers...thanks to all of you for your understanding as I was off the grid for the most part with some football officiating "stuff".  It went better than expected and I'm looking for good things to happen this football its time to get back into the game of exam preparation.

    I will be sending out a series of emails as I've received very good feedback and QUESTIONS from folks starting their exam prep which I'm going to be sharing beginning TODAY as I've got some time before getting ready to travel on Monday back to AZ.

    So you weekend warriors get a nice head buckle we go!

    ► Week 2 of the 66ers...Ramp it Up! ◄
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