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OK...let's get started...Saturday Option Re-Opened

  • 1.  OK...let's get started...Saturday Option Re-Opened

    Posted 03-18-2020 06:54 AM
    Saturday is back on...but first read the following.

    For those looking to obtain CEUs...and keep up to speed on current issues related to how the current environment is impacting HIPAA compliance...check it out!

    First off...there are at least 3 webs today (2 run concurrently so you need to pick from between the two) which individuals can attend and apply for live CEUs.  In addition, one can very likely within a week, view any of these which are likely recorded and apply for non-live CEUs. So essentially 3.6 CEUs (2.4 live, 1.2 non-live/recorded)

    IN ADDITION...the Saturday session is on again as I have not heard from Mark Schlader and people are asking if I would consider moving forward.  Glad to do it.  If Mark also does come back online and offer a webinar...that's more CEU opportunities.

    So if one thinks about it...there is easily the potential to get possibly 6 CEUs this week...not bad!  Keep in mind that live CEUs are a bit more challenging, so I'd try to take advantage of those opportunities first.  There are literally many dozens of recorded webinars that can be accessed on demand for getting non-live CEUs is not particularly difficult.  In fact, in my view, I'd put it in the "easy" category.

    For those looking at Saturday...we will begin promptly at 9 AM PT and this will be an invitation for folks to see actual examples of how to update one's SRA in those instances where your current SRA may not have included the use of home based personal computers among the assets that create, maintain, receive, or transmit ePHI.  As we will see...OCR actually looks at this from a bit different perspective in that it uses an access, storage, and transmit approach...which we will review.

    OK..enough already...that should bring everyone up to speed...and the Sat sign up link is below:

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