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Folks looking to begin prepping for the CHC...check this out!

  • 1.  Folks looking to begin prepping for the CHC...check this out!

    Posted 11-29-2020 09:32 AM
    For 2021...I will continue to offer online sessions, postings, quizzes, etc for both the CHC and CHPC eGroups.  At the same time, I will have some targeted activities for those who are interested.

    As I did last year...I'm starting literally at Square 1 with a BIG twist that I started with a small group in 2020 in which over 90%...just waiting for 2 more...passed their exams.  What I did was I started them off NOT with the OIG CPG for hospitals.  I started them off with a document more fundamental than that...8B2.1.

    I truly think that the power of knowing...not memorizing...but actually knowing from a number of angles and perspectives how to apply those little 69 lines helps lay the foundation for everything that came after.

    I've recorded my review of the 8B2.1 and in December...those interested in viewing the videos are invited to do so.  This invitation is OPEN TO ALL...and the first video will post on Dec 8, 2020.

    To minimize eGroup email traffic as not everyone may be interested...I'm asking people to sign up using the sign up link below.

    I want to welcome the new members of the eGroups who are starting their prep have many people you can turn to within these rest assured that you are not alone in your journey!

    Kick off to 2021 with 8B2.1 review video series sign up:

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    Lisa Campbell - August - CHC
    Lisa Jensen - November - CHC
    Madhavi Perumpalath - September - CHC
    Malinda Turner - November - CHPC
    Mandi Quigley - September - CHPC
    Marcia Rasch - November - CHPC
    Meagan Bottrell - August - CHC
    Meghan Smith - September - CHC***
    Meghan Smith - September - CHPC***
    Melanie Schoonover - September - CHPC
    Melissa Alexander - June - CHC
    Melissa Singleton - January - CHPC
    Namrita Notani - July - CHC
    Patricia Radatz - June - CHC
    Rachel Anderson - May - CHC
    Rebecca Crane - August - CHC
    Shari Singleton - August - CHC
    Stephanie Tam - October - CHC
    Susan Hammerschmidt - August - CHC
    Tanisha Grant - February - CHC
    Theresa Veazey - June - CHC
    Tracy Purnell - October - CHC
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