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Friday Quiz - 1/14/2022 - 10 Questions

  • 1.  Friday Quiz - 1/14/2022 - 10 Questions

    Posted 01-14-2022 04:54 AM
    The quiz at the link below is to start giving folks practice on the types of questions one can expect to see on the CHC and CHPC exams.  The questions for this quiz are taken from the HCCA online practice quiz (attribution appears with each question).  Later today at 5 PM PT, all respondents that submitted their email addresses on the quiz will get their results.  This is why the quiz asks for emails so that your individual results can be sent to you along with the correct answers.  This also enables the release of the results at a later time.  Remember, you can always browse the the quiz and answer the questions without submitting your responses or take the same 10 questions on the HCCA practice exam.

    Note, future quizzes will use questions from different sources.  For now, I wanted to use examples from the HCCA practice quiz to help people build some familiarity with the different questions on the exams.

    I will also post this evening after the quiz is closed at 5 PM, some statistics on the overall scores to the quiz.

    WCC members...this quiz is REQUIRED.  So make sure to submit your quiz using the gmail address you are using as a member of the WCC.

    Posted: 3:25 AM AZ time

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