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Webs added...don't worry about formatting or order

  • 1.  Webs added...don't worry about formatting or order

    Posted 03-25-2020 09:36 AM
    When pasting info into the web need to spend time word wrapping your entries or putting them in any type of order.  I check the list every day and take care of formatting.

    This way people can just get info...and get out.

    Note...I posted a link to another SRA related web from a vendor that I think is a very good opportunity for people to learn about SRAs.  Whether you are experienced, an expert, or just trying to figure out what an SRA is and how to do one...this web covers many of the basics and makes you what I'll call a "sophisticated consumer".

    Just my opinion, I have no vested interest in the vendor on any level, just pointing out that I think it is a good learning opp.

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