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CHC vs CHPC...What Say You???

  • 1.  CHC vs CHPC...What Say You???

    Posted 13 days ago
    People often ask...which is "harder"...the CHC or CHPC.  For me, I found the CHC more challenging not because it was necessarily more difficult.

    With respect first to the CHPC, given that it is based in Privacy and Security...I believe that because the areas of Privacy and Security have processes derived from more specific or prescriptive regulations...was more straightforward and as a result, less challenging than the CHC.

    The CHC, on the other hand, seemed much more open to interpretation and even to this day I believe many of the BEST, NEXT, etc types of questions were much less conclusive than those on the CHPC...this is why I stress that guessing is something that people will often resort to during the exam.

    Hoping others share their thoughts as this is definitely a Top 10 question I get frequently offlist.

    Posted: 4:59 AM AZ time

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  • 2.  RE: CHC vs CHPC...What Say You???

    Posted 12 days ago
    Agree. I took the CHC and CHPC having just studied on my own. I passed both the first time but in comparison the CHC is much tougher content. If you know HIPAA you'll do great on the CHPC in my opinion and you all have an excellent teacher for that.

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