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Not again?!?!? HIPAA Rules Not Finalized

  • 1.  Not again?!?!? HIPAA Rules Not Finalized

    Posted 10-27-2021 09:25 AM
    Quickly...another person from our eGroup contacted me and asked about the "new" rules and when we need to have our processes changed in order to comply with the new timeframes such as those related to access to PHI.  When I asked where they heard that the "new" rules were in place, they provided me a copy of a handout from a webinar.

    STOP! (with a smile)

    Good news...there are no "new" rules.  The proposed rules have yet to be finalized and published in the Federal Register.  Also, once published, we essentially have 240 days...8 bring processes into compliance with whatever final rules are eventually published. For example, if the Final Rules were published in today's Federal Register, our "due" date or rather "do" date to be in compliance would be June 24, 2022.

    If ANYONE hears anything differently...feel free to let me know onlist or offlist.

    Onward we go!

    Posted: 7:22 AM AZ time

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