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Saturday Session Update...Topics...Confirmations

  • 1.  Saturday Session Update...Topics...Confirmations

    Posted 01-07-2020 05:39 AM
    Thanks to those who are submitting comments on what you would like us to cover during the 1/18/20 study session.

    Many of the suggestions are related to HIPAA security with some privacy: review of the ambulance provider breach, the ONC SRA tool and SRA questions in general, overview of how to do a breach risk assessment, and accounting of disclosures.  

    On the compliance side, people are commenting that they may have suggestions closer to the study session after listening to the micro podcasts.

    That works as the link for the study session does allow for people to revisit the link.  No need to repost your email address if you want to come back to the link to share a suggestion.

    I sent the first wave of confirmations this morning.  If you signed up at the link and did not get an email, it may be that my message was blocked or perhaps there was a typo in your email address entered when you signed up.

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    Saturday Study Session Sign Up Link (1/18/20):
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