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Flashcard Update...FYI

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    Posted 12 days ago
    I received some very, very interesting feedback about the exam from someone that the CHC (and passed) at a testing center earlier this week.  This person reassured me that she counted about 20 questions that were of the recall type and many of them she was very comfortable she answered correctly because they were related to information she had seen on her set of flashcards. What makes this somewhat unique is that she shared she has an eidetic type of I made sure NOT TO ASK for any specific examples as we want to always make sure our efforts are never seen as compromising the integrity of the exams.

    In any case, I was very encouraged to hear this so for those thinking about sounds like the flashcards do have value and as others have shared, also provides a nice way of reinforcing information that can be applied on the scenario based questions.

    Remember, you have 120 questions...and I am constantly reading from folks that all of the questions are scenario based.  I don't recall that all of the questions on the CHPC or CHC were scenario based, but it is possible since I took the exams, this may now be the case.  I do clearly recall a good portion of questions which were of the the fill in the blank or identify type...and I have seen some of these questions on some mock tests that I've seen offered by vendors or testing guides.

    So I'm curious if anyone has taken the test lately and actually recalls if the the entire test consisted of scenarios.  I highly doubt it...but maybe so.


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    Posted 11 days ago
    Trying to remember from December, but not all of the questions (on CHPC) were scenarios.  There were regulation questions, which agency did what, etc.

    The flash cards to help not only for the exams but also in the daily duties of a compliance officer.


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