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Heads Up...Next Combined Study Group

  • 1.  Heads Up...Next Combined Study Group

    Posted 04-20-2019 09:49 AM
    All right...and 100% no problem...there are very few people responding to the link that they are following (and downloading and accessing resources) the Combined Study Group on HCCAnet though I have the data to show the number is much larger than people may realize.

    So the link to the next CSG is now closed and I will be contacting those folks shortly to start our study group.

    A few notes.

    #1 - Start date
    June 6, 2019 or another way to remember is 6/6...will be our official kick off date.  By this date, those who took the exam will know the results of their exam and I can follow up with them as needed to discuss their options so that they can then make whatever decisions work best for their needs and situation.

    #2 ​- Mostly OFFLIST...but yes...some ONLIST.
    Most of what we do will be done offlist BUT I will from time to time post stuff OPEN TO ALL which folks who are not in the OFFLIST study group may benefit from.  For example, I intend to post some example questions and potentially invites to online exam practices sessions as we move forward. This gives many people a chance to compare and contrast with others based on the exercises we complete.

    #3 - Preparation
    We will begin by using the CPG for hospitals and a BONUS for those offlist.  There are audio links and such to the CPG for hospitals in the eGroup libraries but I've got one that I think will top these even more. Those in the offlist study group.  I'm going to start you off with this special BONUS to get your interest high right from the keep an eye on your incoming email box. 6/6...that's the next kick off date!

    ► Next Study Group Sign Up Link ◄
    ► I am not starting a new study group until current study group members get their exam results ◄
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