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WAIT A MINUTE!!! Fed Reg WRONG???...Yes

  • 1.  WAIT A MINUTE!!! Fed Reg WRONG???...Yes

    Posted 09-11-2019 06:53 AM
    Now it's one thing to share information that some of you may not know or may not have encountered directly...but as I hope many of you share that with you information and not share some angle or some aspect of HOW to deal with it would put me in the category of blah, blah, blah.

    Sharing but not showing you...or sHOWing how to deal with these they do happen is a meaningful and useful skill or strategy to add to your Fed Reg tool box.  As some have shared, many folks did not know how to research the Fed Reg to see if there were updates to sections of the regulations that directly impact their areas of focus or responsibility.  This includes some folks just starting out in their roles as Compliance Professionals...and some with decades of experience.  (Sort of reminds me of the time when we explored how Windows + L is an alternative keystroke sequence to locking your computer to the Alt + Control + Delete...and Windows + L can be done with one hand...which for some folks makes a world of difference.)

    Well, now that you do...or at least I can say definitively you've had the chance to learn how to begin using the Fed it's time to up our game and go beyond average or above average with learning how to deal with errors in the Fed Reg.

    I'm likely going to post the HOW to deal with the error today I am posting a video on the recent 85K settlement related to the right of access...I would be very curious if ANYONE has noticed the error in the Fed Reg.  I will give you a appeared this week....and that's all I'm going to say.

    In fact, if someone can find the error and post it by 5 PM ET today...I will let that person identify a topic of his or her choice and offer us all to huddle on it and share some education and training that we can then submit for CEUs.

    The error I'm referring to I've identified and sent to one of our colleagues so that we have a third party that can call me out if someone identified the error.

    Good luck!

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