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Notice of Privacy Practices Explanation Update

  • 1.  Notice of Privacy Practices Explanation Update

    Posted 07-02-2019 08:30 AM
    This video is set to archive with no further access in about 30 mins.  This also opens up space and bandwidth for posting of the video on Scenario B.  Just a note so that folks understand that if they ask for the pass code for the Notice will no longer be active.

    Some folks have asked...why do I use pass codes.  A number of reasons.  A few include that it shows others onlist who is actively looking at videos as part of their prep.  It also shows me which videos are getting the most interest...and there are other reasons as well.

    I'm sorry if some folks don't like this...but if it is creating problem at all...I can simply adjust and replace videos with text based examples and explanations.  In either case...keep that feedback coming...and let's keep moving forward.

    66ers...this does not apply to your email boxes for other options.

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