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Let's Get Krazy! Early Bird Session on Saturday!

  • 1.  Let's Get Krazy! Early Bird Session on Saturday!

    Posted 02-21-2020 04:14 PM
    Someone told me that after viewing the auditing video and showing it to their boss...they got the green light to do an audit on how well they are documenting the acknowledgement of the receipt of NoPPs.  This is something that the person has been working on trying to get the go ahead for over a how can I turn down an opportunity to show some information on how to audit a process that is REQUIRED by regulation but people do not audit.  Go figure!!!

    So here's the Krazy part..sorry folks...I know it's early for some of you.  7 AM PT / 8 AM MT / 9 AM CT / 10 AM ET..TOMORROW!  I will break this down from start to finish...and show you how the results also reflect reality...which is something that you simply don't get anywhere else.  Call me out folks...this is not a blah, blah, blah is a work group type of setting.  It will make use of the GoToMeeting Portal and WILL NOT be recorded.

    If you want the link to the meeting...go to the link below and provide your email address.  I will cover aspects about audits that may be on the exam as well.

    Sign up link...and for those that sign up..."see" you Saturday.

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