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100+....Let me know...LOAs

  • 1.  100+....Let me know...LOAs

    Posted 07-01-2019 07:47 AM
    Well over 100 LOAs were sent for sessions on Fri and if you attended and requested an LOA...keep an eye out on your email box.

    Now if you attended and did not get an me offlist so I can follow up.  Not making any excuses as there could be a number of reasons to include I may have missed your email address, people signed in without the same email address they wanted for their LOA, email bouncebacks for LOAs already sent, etc,

    So please be patient and let me know offlist.

    Lots of good education, based on feedback, and some folks even remarked that they even had a little fun and like some of our memory aids to help us remember some of our concepts (The FERPA doughnut hole) and to sharpen some of our test taking strategies.

    OK...onward we go...there are exams waiting to be passed!

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