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Santa Tracker...I love it!

  • 1.  Santa Tracker...I love it!

    Posted 30 days ago
    Something to keep kids of all ages entertained...Santa Tracker.  Here is a screen shot as Santa was dropping off gifts in Kowtoon, China.  Next stop...Taiwan.  However...NORAD has Santa on a different track (as seen below) and on his way to Australia.  Different paths...different destinations...not a problem from on!

    When my nephews and nieces ask "Uncle Frank" how does Santa do all of his deliveries in one day...I offer this simple answer.  Santa can bend space/time.  This isn't hard for Santa...I mean anyone who can live in the North Pole and rides flying reindeer around the globe...bending space/time is a snap. So what we perceive as a minute and "see" Santa in one location...Santa can stretch that minute for as long as he needs to deliver gifts to many locations during that minute before moving on.

    Merry Christmas Eve to all!

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