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Today...OIG CPG Exercise Sign Ups Close

  • 1.  Today...OIG CPG Exercise Sign Ups Close

    Posted 09-10-2020 07:27 AM
    Just as I did before...which is OPEN TO ALL...I opened a sign up list for an exercise.  In this instance, we will focus on one of the most fundamental and important documents that people review in preparation for their exams....the OIG CPG for hospitals.

    The sign up will close TODAY and it will not reopen. Thanks to those who signed up.  A confirmation email went out prior to this posting.  If you signed up and did not get a confirmation email...several possibilities.

    One is that your email policies set up by IT will not allow you to receive emails from an account. If that is the will not be able to participate as you will not only receive emails from this domain but also need to access this domain to review resources.

    Another reason is that you may have a typo in your email address when you signed up.

    That's the update for today.  I know many people that signed up are ready to begin.

    Sign up link:

    Posted: 5:16 AM AZ time​

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