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Update and Suggestion...8B2.1...OIG CPG

  • 1.  Update and Suggestion...8B2.1...OIG CPG

    Posted 07-23-2021 07:39 AM
    For those going through the Binder see how the initial videos refer to and build on the content provided by section 8B2.1 of the FSG (video #3 is posted now and will remain posted through the weekend with video #4 getting posted on Monday).  So if you are not familiar with section 8B2.1...take some time to read it.  It is only 69 lines long and sets the basis for building a solid understanding of compliance programs that will help you well beyond just prepping for an exam.  You can find copies of the 8B2.1 in the eGroup library or you can go to the following link to get a copy:

    Note...I will also be making references to the CPG OIG for hospitals in future videos (the first released OIG CPG for hospitals, not the supplement) my suggestion is to use this weekend to brush up on that document as well.

    All right...onward we go!

    Posted: 4:28 AM AZ time​

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