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    Posted 17 days ago
    I shared emails last night with someone who took the exam and I was told there were a fair number of audit and monitoring questions on the exam that this person took...remember...there are many versions of the exams.  The person did not study much about A&M other than what is in the OIG CPG.  The unfortunate part...this person failed by 1 point.

    Note...when people do not pass the exam and post...I want these people to realize that doing so helps others in a similar situation reach out to others either ONLIST or behind the scenes.  I'll admit...more than half of the emails I get are from people's whose names I do not recognize because they never posted or participated in ONLIST discussions or exercises.  No problem...glad to are many others.

    This person is convinced...and after hearing some of the questions they recalled...I understand why...that if they had studied the basics of A&M even a little, they would have passed.  Remember, they failed by 1 point and there were at least 5 A&M related questions and after some discussion. she realized she VERY LIKELY got these 5 all wrong (now yes they could have been test questions...but I seriously doubt any of them were).

    So I thank that person...she received a course on A&M...and if you can describe or speak to the following A&M I don't want to post anything that could be perceived as a question from the would have been in good shape to answer the questions this person encountered on the exam.
    1. What are the three basic types of audits used to assess a population?
    2. Given the number of samples, can you identify what type of audit is being done?
    3. Why are samples used rather than simply reviewing all of the elements that are being audited?
    4. Why may two audits, performed using the same steps, come out with different results?

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