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    Posted 12-05-2019 12:29 PM
    Edited by William Wong 12-06-2019 12:14 PM
    Hi All,

    <pwa data-pwa-id="pwa-A8EDC0FB085C33F833E46AB4F2CC329F" data-pwa-rule-id="PASSIVE_VOICE" data-pwa-category="style" data-pwa-hint="Passive verbs make your writing less direct. Try to use an active verb instead." data-pwa-suggestions="I have sold book~We have sold book~They have sold book" data-pwa-heavy="false" data-pwa-dictionary-word="Book has been sold" class="pwa-mark pwa-mark-done">Book has been sold</pwa>.  Thank you for looking.

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