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  • 1.  Passed CCEP Exam

    Posted 12-02-2018 07:59 PM

    All. Took the CCEP exam this last Friday at a local testing site and passed! Very exciting on a personal and professional level.

    If you asked me a few months ago if this was a goal of mine, I would have said, nope. But, being a member of this board offers many advantages. One of them is access to incredibly awesome and generous individuals like Caitlyn Tobey.

    As you probably know she offered to facilitate a 4 week study group that concluded a few weeks back. I believe this was in conjunction with a conference that occurred in November. I came across this and felt it would be a good refresher for my CHC cert, so I signed up for the group. At the conclusion of the group, I felt really good about my level of knowledge on the subject matter and figured what the heck, and signed up for the exam. I gave myself a 3-4 week additional window to continue to study the items Caitlyn had in her sessions. And as I indicated above, I passed.

    So big SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to Caitlyn Tobey for the study group and relighting a fire for me.

    James Deutsch CHC, CCEP
    Deputy Systems Security Officer
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    Posted 12-02-2018 09:19 PM
    Congratulations and what a blessing! I am thankful for Caitlyn Tobey as well. 

    What was the most difficult part of the exam? And what would you recommend someone study the most? It's always interesting to hear different perspectives for future exam takers. 
    Congrats once again and enjoy!

    Solomon Carter 

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  • 3.  RE: Passed CCEP Exam

    Posted 12-03-2018 05:12 AM

    Cait is without equal when it comes to her leadership in providing assistance to those looking to prepare for the CCEP exam on HCCAnet.  The onlist responses by those who passed the exam with Cait's help speaks volumes.  I hope more people take a few seconds to acknowledge and thank Cait for what she does.

    I am very happy to say I not only know Cait, but also consider her a friend.

    Well done James...and thanks Cait for all that you do in helping others on their path to successfully passing the CCEP exam.  Many of us can take a lesson from your giving to the profession.

    ► The CSG Has Begun! ◄
    --------Frank Ruelas---------

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  • 4.  RE: Passed CCEP Exam

    Posted 12-03-2018 09:36 AM
    Hi James,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and acknowledgement. It makes me so happy to hear when people pass their exam after participating in the study group!

    Caitlyn (Kinney) Tobey, CCEP-I, CHC, CIPP/US, CIPM
    Compliance and Contracts Coordinator
    Concord, MA

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    Posted 12-03-2018 10:13 AM

    Dear Caitlyn-

    I also appreciate all the support, communication, collaboration and guidance that was provided!  I am happy to say that I passed. 

    It was great to meet you in person in Las Vegas! 


    Thank you again for your leadership!  Thank you for the entire group for their support!


    Karie Steuer, CCEP, PHR, SHRM-CP

    Global Compliance and Privacy Manager

    Perrigo Company | 515 Eastern Avenue | Allegan, MI 49010 USA

    Office: 269. 686.3614 Mobile:  616.498.3956


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    Posted 12-03-2018 10:09 AM


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    Posted 12-03-2018 10:14 AM

    Contrella Anderson

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  • 8.  RE: Passed CCEP Exam

    Posted 12-03-2018 02:13 PM
    Congratulations, James!

    Marie Wagner CHC,CHRC
    Sr. Corp Compliance Coord
    The Queen's Health Systems

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  • 9.  RE: Passed CCEP Exam

    Posted 12-06-2018 09:07 AM
    ​Your note is so encouraging James!  Kudos to you for setting the goal and congratulations for successfully completing it! 

    Keep up the good work Catilyn!  You have truly inspired and equipped us all with what we need for studying.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Contrella Anderson

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