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  • 1.  CCEP vs CCEP-I

    Posted 07-09-2015 10:46 AM

    As a CCEP certified employee for a global company, can someone help me understand the benefit of becoming CCEP-I certified when the content and study materials look very similar to CCEP?  I don't want to pursue unneeded redundancy, but don't want to overlook an opportunity either.  My role is global, but we rely on Legal to walk to us through the differing international requirements.  I would like to pursue the CCEP-I, but am having trouble articulating the "benefit" to leadership and appreciate an outside perspective.







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    Posted 07-10-2015 08:51 AM
    I understand your dilemma. Here are some things to think about.

    Currently, you hold the CCEP and hold a global compliance and ethics position. From this perspective, you demonstrate you are knowledgeable and possess the experience to manage both domestic and international compliance and ethics initiatives.

    From another perspective, the profession is growing. There are new regulations both nationally and internationally. Organizations are responding differently. Many that get it are proactive by requiring certification and membership. One day, an organization may require both a CCEP and CCEP -I. Although there may be many overlapping topics now, it may not be that way next year or 5-10 years from now. Achieving it now is a proactive approach but only time will tell if it is necessary.

    The question is... By having both, what is the message or value added to yourself (and organizations)?

    Are you requesting to attend an academy that focuses on CCEP-I? If not, are you requesting the $250 for the exam application fee?

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  • 3.  RE: CCEP vs CCEP-I

    Posted 07-13-2015 04:00 PM

    Hi Rebecca,

    I also wanted to weigh in here. The CCEP and CCEP-I exams are similar in the way that you are tested on your knowledge of the compliance process, with the main difference being that the CCEP-I certification is not tied to the laws of any particular country, but has a focus on global laws.

    The Compliance Board Certification team is always happy to answer more detailed questions about the various certifications as well. Feel free to reach out to them:


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