2017 Compliance Institute

  • 1.  Scheduling Tool

    Posted 03-11-2017 08:44 AM
    Sorry everyone...I am not going to make the scheduling tool available for a few reasons:

    #1 - the App
    People pay money to develop the app and to have their names placed on the app as sponsors (I don't know how much but I am sure it is not a few dollars).  I don't want one of my free tools to potentially take away focus from the app.

    #2 - Take advantage of techno
    The app has useful functions such as maps, exhibitor info, session info, and many more.  Sometimes people need just a little push to find something useful for them to use an app so maybe by having them use the app to browse and select sessions, more folks will download the app.

    #3 - Maybe not intuitive...but relatively easy
    Depending on the person, I do not believe the app is all that difficult to use.  It does take a little get used to but once you develop a little familiarity, it does get easier.

    So as a consolation, I will post a few how to videos.  For those of you who got a copy of my scheduling tool...I was very glad to see that you found it useful.  I continue to use it as I've made a few changes after looking at slide decks.

    Frank Ruelas
    19th Annual CEI Virtual Conference