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From the Top...CI...Section by Section

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    Posted 01-18-2017 09:45 AM
    I am hoping to prompt onlist discussion by those attending the CI on what sessions they are attending so we can share some of the reasons or focus points we have at the CI.

    Sunday March 26

    #1 - Speednetworking...very likely going to attend.  Well worth getting up early and often THERE IS COFFEE available!

    9 - 12 PM Breakout....I may jump from one session to another...possible choices:
    - P4: HIPAA Compliance that addresses the risks...
    - P7: Immediate address IT Access...

    12 - 1 PM Speedmentoring - Sign me up...BUT IF THE THE CREW...wants to set out for lunch...I'm with THE CREW and going down to the waterfront and enjoying some downtime networking!

    1:30 - 4:30...Simple choices for me
    P16: Compliance Investigations...certainly plan to be there when WJ is speaking!
    P18: Is your Security Incident a Data Breach...

    What say you on your choices?

    Frank Ruelas
    19th Annual CEI Virtual Conference

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    Posted 01-23-2017 02:22 PM
    OOOPS, somehow I missed this message from Frank before - here is mine for Sunday (tentative)

    #1 - Speednetworking...not committed to this yet, I may be in the pool doing some laps to try to wake up and get going for the day, although the temptation of COFFEE being available may sway me otherwise

    9 - 12 PM Breakout....likely choices
    - P1: Large Hospital Systems -- or
    - P3: Keeping Them Talking to You: A Culture of Trust & Integrity Improves Quality, Safety, and Organizational Outcome
    although I will try to stop by P10 and P14 before or after to say 'hello' to some speakers I know

    12 - 1 PM Speedmentoring - I'm thinking some informal networking over lunch at the waterfront

    1:30 - 4:30...Breakout... likely choices
    -P19: Compliant Physician Documentation and Coding in the Electronic Medical Record -- or
    -P27: Academic Medical Center Compliance: Tips, Traps, and Emerging Best Practices

    4:30 - 6:00 PM Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall -- I plan to be there!

    Marie Wagner CHC
    Sr. Corp Compliance Coord
    The Queen's Health Systems

    19th Annual CEI Virtual Conference

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    Posted 01-24-2017 09:45 AM

    For those of you planning to do speed networking / mentoring, I have a recommendation as a past participant & as the speaker in the LinkedIn category!

    I did not find networking in general at the CI very effective, especially if it's something that is new to you. I found myself returning home to a stack of meaningless business cards. A better approach that I picked up from LinkedIn, is to go to Vista Prints & spend about $10-$20 ordering business cards that perhaps have your picture on them, where you work, your LinkedIn vanity URL, other contact information you wish to share & a message on the back that tells a little about you - especially if you're in the market for a new gig. Obviously you can also make your own. Happy networking!

    Brenda Manning, JD, CHC, CHPC

    The views expressed herein are my own and do not represent those of my employer. They are not meant to constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship.

    19th Annual CEI Virtual Conference